Chiropractic Meridian ID Struggling to Heal From Concussion

If you’re reading this then you are likely struggling or are the loved one of someone struggling to recover from these devastating injuries.

These injuries rob so many individuals of different aspects of their lives from relationships to promotions to feeling happy. I don’t want you to accept this is the way you will always be and realize there is hope.

Over my past 10 years of working with individuals who have suffered concussion or TBI in Meridian ID, I have learned many things about why they don’t recover. I have worked with individuals from all over the world and many have been to over a dozen other providers before I met them.

I want you to take this information and learn from it. Learn from these lessons so you don’t have to struggle as long as many of my patients have.

I could list more than this, but here are what I consider the 5 biggest problems that I want you to learn from.


Physical examination is one of the most important parts of an office visit. This is even more important with a concussion or traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately in both traditional and natural medicine the concept of a physical exam is all but dead.

When looking at concussions it is essential to perform a physical exam that evaluates how the brain is connecting, since after all these are brain injuries that disrupt connections. Some of the things that should be evaluated are eye movements, balance, sensation, reflexes, and more. To do a proper evaluation this should take at least 90 minutes even though it often needs to go longer. In addition to this many individuals need labs performed as well to get a better picture of their overall health.

This is listed as #1 for a reason. This can spare you from all the other problems.


I see this with many where they know of the injury but their past but timed it out as a contributing factor because they were told it couldn’t still be impacting them months or years later.

My wife took her first concussion around the age of 13, but the problem is she was misdiagnosed. It wasn’t until I was doing this work that it became abundantly clear that not only did she suffer a concussion at that age but had two more before she turned twenty. The problem this caused was that symptoms of brain fog, fatigue, headaches, poor memory, balance issues, and neck pain were blamed on everything but the actual cause.

She adapted this into who she was and didn’t bring up many of her symptoms because she considered it normal, but don’t mistake common with normal.


This is a major problem in the natural health space. At the time of this post, if you have something that someone struggles to help you with it will automatically be blamed on mold, lyme, or parasites. That isn’t to say these can’t be an issue for some, but for most these have nothing to do with what you are dealing with and are wildly expensive. The other part is testing for most of these is very difficult and parasites especially outside of the intestines is nearly impossible. Which means you are likely chasing a mythical creature.

The other fads outside of these causes are related to treatments. Treatments such as cranial sacral, hyperbaric, and neurofeedback are increasing in popularity. While these do help some they leave many struggling as they are not complete treatments. Hint, if you go to a clinic that only does hyperbaric they will usually convince you it can help even though they have zero testing to support this. All improvement should be measured from both symptom and brain functionality components. Disclaimer, I’m a big fan of hyperbaric but have so many patients that wasted tons of money doing a ridiculous amount of sessions hoping it’d be the one thing to help. It should be done in conjunction with other therapies and not as a stand alone. See problem #5 for more on this.


The brain is the most complex organ we have, but very few providers seek to understand it. Outside of that, individuals are seeking more non medical providers for help which is a major issue. Most have protocols that they use but when questioned about the functionality or immune aspect of the brain they are clueless.

Don’t get help from someone that doesn’t understand the organ they are trying to help. I see this a lot with many different providers, but let’s use physical therapy as an example. You may be going for headaches and neck pain. They are going to do the best they can, but with a concussion or TBI there are many reasons for this. If your provider doesn’t understand how to work through it then the rate of failure is high.


Everyone is trying to find the one therapy that works for them. They do one thing and then switch to another when it doesn’t work. The problem is the brain is like a team. You need the whole team to work together for the best potential outcome. There is a way to sequence and layer therapies for optimal outcomes. With concussion and TBI this involved connecting the brain, support energy, reducing inflammation, and driving blood flow and oxygenation. If you separate all of these the chance of success drops significantly.


It is okay if you have made some of these mistakes. The goal is for you to learn from these and not to make any more. Recovering from a concussion or TBI is challenging, but is possible for the majority of individuals. Even with some of the most severe TBI’s, I see individuals improve despite being told they can’t get any better at all.

While no one helps everyone, we have a great track record of helping individuals quickly move to a better spot in their recovery whether it is weeks or years following the injury. I will do everything in my power to help you if you are willing to do the same. There are certain things we look for to make sure someone is a great fit for the work we do. We only want to take patients that we feel we can help.

If you’d like to see if we could help you then contact our office today and one of our team members will be happy to help.