You want results and deserve the best care possible. This process allows you to make sure you’re able to get the most out of care and can achieve your health goals.

Becoming a patient in Meridian ID is a 4 step process that we will guide you through.

When you’re ready, fill out the Request An Appointment request and a member of our team will contact you to get that scheduled for you.


Call (208) 550-2380 and one of our team members will ask you questions to make sure you are a good candidate for the type of care we provide. Not everyone is a good candidate for our care due to a variety of reasons. Those that do well with our care and set themselves up for success are: Coachable and will do the work Don’t look for shortcuts Willing to invest in themselves


The goal of this visit is to identify the best initial plan of action that will allow you to get the answers you need. Our providers will gain clarity about what your health goals are, what you’ve tried, and what is missing. If for any reason our providers identify red flags that would prevent you from achieving your desired health goals they will let you know at that time. We only want to move to Step 3 with the right candidates who we feel will have success. We only want to work with individuals who are willing to do what it takes and are not looking for shortcuts. We dedicate time for each patient and this visit is $37.


Helping patients who are dealing with chronic and complex issues takes time. We need to understand the factors working for and against your health. Far too many of our patients have been told their labs or imaging are normal. For most the labs didn’t look in the right place and the imaging was meant to show tumors or bleeds which they didn’t have. Looking at whole body function provides us answers that are not possible in a 15 minute office visit. This is why we evaluate you as an entire person and don’t pick our favorite system, because the body works as a unit. We start with a comprehensive evaluation using our proprietary BMB Method (Brain, Mind, and Body). This functional evaluation includes a thorough evaluation of brain, mind, immune, and body health. During this evaluation we will get an in depth history, functional brain testing, and qEEG (if it is appropriate for your case). qEEG is a quantitative electroencephalogram which looks at brain waves. This visit ranges from 105-135 minutes depending on what is done. The investment in your health includes a comprehensive evaluation and report of findings. Depending on the approach you need the investment is $750-850 and is paid at time of scheduling and is non refundable. Our providers start working on your care the second you say yes and we only work with those committed to achieving the best results.

***If possible we will bill lab work through your insurance. We are currently only In-Network with Blue Cross, but not all services are considered necessary and those will be considered self-pay.


This is the visit you have likely been waiting for. What exactly is going on with your health and what can be done about it? You will start receiving those answers here. You will leave the visit with Clarity around why you feel the way you do An understanding of how to stack the deck in your favor to get the best results An action plan that gives you the greatest possibility of seeing improvement Confidence in knowing that someone is on your side and will be there to support and guide you through this process. Each person has their own individualized health journey. Recommendations are centered around our proprietary BMB Method. Brain Mind Body We cannot separate these and get optimal results if you need the full approach. Treatment recommendations may include but are not limited to nutritional changes, brain-based therapies, individualized nutritional supplements, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, TMS, ketamine, and peptides. While these are many of the therapies we have, not everyone needs them. You get the tools and recommendations that will best help you in your recovery. We are here to support you along the way. You will have follow-up appointments to make sure things are moving in the right direction. If any changes need to be made we will address them as soon as we can to keep you moving on the right path.