Are you battling brain fog? Everyone describes it a little different and here are some of the most common descriptions individuals tell us.

  • When having conversations they will know what word they want to say, but they can’t get it to come out.
  • They find they are misplacing things more frequently or walking in to do something and forgetting what they were going to do.
  • Struggling with staying engaged in conversations and zoning out
  • They just don’t feel right, it’s like living in a haze where their brain just isn’t working in the way it should.

If any of these ring a bell, then it’s likely that you are dealing with brain fog. Know that you are not alone as millions battle brain fog each and every year. You’ve likely tried a variety of things to help it, but can’t get it to improve.

We are here to help you understand what causes brain fog and our approach to helping individuals get answers.

What Causes Brain Fog?

What exactly causes brain fog? As you’ve searched through google, you’ve read about a variety of things that can cause brain fog and it contributes to a lot of confusion. Our goal is to break it down into a framework that makes sense to you.

First, what is the underlying process that drives brain fog? The first word, “brain”, is key. Brain fog is due to impaired brain health. There are 4 things that you should know about in the brain that impact brain health.

  • Impaired Connections
  • Energy Production and Utilization
  • Inflammation
  • Blood Flow and Oxygen

Brain fog will nearly always be a result of dysfunction in any of those 4 things. It also is very common for more than 1 of those things to be present. For example, if there is inflammation this will nearly always disrupt the connections in the brain and vice versa.

What are somethings that directly impact the brain and can cause brain fog?

  • Concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Whiplash
  • Stroke
  • Long-COVID
  • Infections (Herpes for example can get into the brain)
  • Mold

Next, problems within the body can negatively impact the brain. For example, having iron deficiency will routinely cause brain fog for individuals. It does this through impaired blood flow and oxygenation, inflammation, and energy which can impact brain connections. As you can see, something perceived to be as simple as iron deficiency can have profound effects on the body and brain ultimately leading to brain fog.

What are things within the body that can negatively impact the brain and lead to brain fog?

  • Medications
  • Food
  • Stress
  • Blood Sugar (High or Low)
  • Thyroid
  • Autoimmunity
  • Gut Health
  • Alcohol and Much More

At this point you are getting a really good picture of how to think about brain fog and are learning that brain fog can be due only to the brain or changes in the body which negatively impact the brain.

So, how exactly do we approach brain fog?

Treatment For Brain Fog

We utilize a different approach to evaluating and treating brain fog than 99% of our patients had experienced before getting care. As noted above, brain fog is due to the health of the brain.

Our approach is centered around evaluating the health of the brain.

  • Eye Movement Testing Using Video-Oculography (VOG)
  • Balance Testing (Computerized Posturography)
  • Brain Wave Testing (QEEG), not performed on everyone

With this information you will get a really good understanding of how the brain is functioning and how to improve it.

Next, evaluating the health of the body as impaired body health can impact brain health. If you are like the majority of our patients you’ve had all the basic labs done. We don’t stop at basic labs, as we understand that misses a lot of things and often results being told “things look normal”. We perform very thorough labs looking at various aspects of health to identify factors that would negatively impact the health of the brain.

When a comprehensive evaluation of both brain and body are done, that allows for answers and solutions that you previously didn’t get.

So no, you aren’t crazy. You just needed a different approach and evaluation than you’ve ever had in the past.

If this sounds like an approach that excites you, we encourage you to take the next steps to get started and click “Become A Patient”


Our Patients Say

At our dedicated doctor’s office, we take immense pride in the care and service we provide to our patients. Here, you can discover the genuine experiences and heartfelt feedback from those who have entrusted us with their health and well-being. These testimonials offer valuable insights into the compassionate and expert care that defines our practice. We are grateful for the trust our patients place in us and invite you to explore their stories, which reflect the exceptional standard of healthcare we aim to deliver every day.

“I have known Dr. Spencer Zimmerman (Dr. Z) for over a decade and watched him fine-tune his incredibly detailed approach to overcoming disease and illness. He is not your average physician. In addition to continuing education seminars and conferences, he spends 100’s of hours annually…personally studying and researching the latest cutting-edge, in-depth medical science. He’s a seeker of truth and viable, usable, effective healing solutions. His approach to immunology and rapidly boosting the body’s innate ability to mobilize and defend itself…is novel and highly comprehensive.

Cory C.

Wow were my eyes opened by Dr. Z. I was suffering from daily migraines, neck, back, shoulder, hip pain, vision and hearing problems, and the list goes on. Dr. Z saved my life. No joke. He is super meticulous and very passionate about his work. He is very smart and forward thinking and researches all the time. He genuinely cares about his patients. He’s an amazing and very caring provider and I highly recommend him.

Amanda R.

“Dr. Spencer Zimmerman is phenomenal! In January I found out I have Lyme disease and along with that discovery, I found out that most traditional Doctors won’t/can’t help treat Lyme disease patients due to FDA restrictions. My only option appeared to be a Lyme specialist, which was going to cost enormous amounts of money because insurance doesn’t cover Lyme specialists. I felt hopeless. And that’s when I had the amazing fortune to come across Dr. Spencer Zimmerman. He gave me the hope I so desperately needed. He is very knowledgeable in regards to traditional medicine, but also homeopathic care as well.

Kensi E.

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