Imagine the feeling of being told you or your child have dyslexia, autism, add, and other processing disorders in Meridian ID. All of a sudden, you are told why you can’t do something like get good grades or have the career of your choice. You stop believing in your true potential and believe you must learn to adapt around it.

You bring your child from one therapy visit to another in an attempt to become better at math and reading, as they are taught to avoid the weakness and adapt around it. You spend 1-2 hours a week at appointments and will always do the best you can for them, but will there ever be an end to these visits? You want to see some sort of improvement knowing they are actually getting better and not only working harder, but experience says there probably isn’t a better way.

This doesn’t have to be your future, and if you’re here I know you aren’t ready to give up and settle yet.

If you’d like to:

Send your child to school with confidence knowing they can read and take in the information, without constantly re-reading.
Be able to say they can do this, instead of having to say she can’t because she has dyslexia.
Having the ability to read out loud in class knowing they will correctly say each word, instead of worrying they are going to mix something up and come home saying they don’t want to go back because the other kids were mean to them.
Watching your child spend time playing sports, going on walks, or laughing as he enjoys his favorite show, instead of jumping into the care to attend routine therapy appointments that appear to never end.
Accelerating at work as she can multitask, process information, and know she is handing in her best work to the boss without having those pesky typos because she flipped the “b” and “d” again.

A Diagnosis Doesn’t Define You

Whether it is dyslexia, autism, add, or other processing disorders, a diagnosis is simply information

Diagnoses are the results of how the brain connects. Which means, if you can identify how the brain is connecting then there is the ability to improve the connections and improve function.

I want you to take a step back and think of the brain like a muscle.

If your bicep muscle isn’t as strong as you would like, then there are specific exercises you can use to strengthen it. But if you wanted to be even stronger, then you would make sure you are taking in the right nutrition to allow for quicker recovery and increased strength.

The same thing is true for the brain.

When working with developmental disorders the key is to not only find the parts of the brain not connecting appropriately, but to identify factors that will impact how it connects such as diet, stress, sleep, chronic infections, and digestive health.

Here’s How our Proven BMB Method Can Help You Perform Your Best In School, At Work, And For The Rest Of Your Life

(Regardless Of Your Diagnosis)

You may be wondering how we evaluate these conditions. We utilize The BMB Method (Brain, Mind, & Body) that has been refined over the past 9 years. This allows us to look where others aren’t, as well as view each person as an individual by:

Evaluating the brain looking at function using eye movements, balance, and brain waves.
Evaluating the mind reviewing past traumas and the subconscious programming that prevents you from success in life.
Identifying how the different systems in the body are functioning using symptoms and lab testing.

By using The BMB Method we are able to provide answers and solutions whether other programs have failed. If you are ready to try a new approach to these old but rapidly increasing problems then request your health strategy session today.


Our Patients Say

At our dedicated doctor’s office, we take immense pride in the care and service we provide to our patients. Here, you can discover the genuine experiences and heartfelt feedback from those who have entrusted us with their health and well-being. These testimonials offer valuable insights into the compassionate and expert care that defines our practice. We are grateful for the trust our patients place in us and invite you to explore their stories, which reflect the exceptional standard of healthcare we aim to deliver every day.

“I have known Dr. Spencer Zimmerman (Dr. Z) for over a decade and watched him fine-tune his incredibly detailed approach to overcoming disease and illness. He is not your average physician. In addition to continuing education seminars and conferences, he spends 100’s of hours annually…personally studying and researching the latest cutting-edge, in-depth medical science. He’s a seeker of truth and viable, usable, effective healing solutions. His approach to immunology and rapidly boosting the body’s innate ability to mobilize and defend itself…is novel and highly comprehensive.

Cory C.

Wow were my eyes opened by Dr. Z. I was suffering from daily migraines, neck, back, shoulder, hip pain, vision and hearing problems, and the list goes on. Dr. Z saved my life. No joke. He is super meticulous and very passionate about his work. He is very smart and forward thinking and researches all the time. He genuinely cares about his patients. He’s an amazing and very caring provider and I highly recommend him.

Amanda R.

“Dr. Spencer Zimmerman is phenomenal! In January I found out I have Lyme disease and along with that discovery, I found out that most traditional Doctors won’t/can’t help treat Lyme disease patients due to FDA restrictions. My only option appeared to be a Lyme specialist, which was going to cost enormous amounts of money because insurance doesn’t cover Lyme specialists. I felt hopeless. And that’s when I had the amazing fortune to come across Dr. Spencer Zimmerman. He gave me the hope I so desperately needed. He is very knowledgeable in regards to traditional medicine, but also homeopathic care as well.

Kensi E.

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