A Novel Approach to Evaluate and Strengthen the Brain

The brain is one of the most important systems in the body, but it is one of the least evaluated and is often ignored. The body can only heal when the brain heals. Any sensation, movement, emotion, and smell only exist due to the brain. The brain helps regulate the gut, heart, liver, immune system, hormones, and many more. For this reason, functional neurology has helped with many conditions and symptoms not classically associated with the brain.

You may be new to the term Functional Neurology. Functional Neurology is a term used to describe an approach to evaluating and treating the brain. For example, when evaluating someone walking the focus is on how the brain is functioning instead of simply whether or not there is appropriate arm swing and walking speed. Functional Neurology is not a profession or a specialty. It is also very different from what a Medical Neurologist would do as their main treatment consists of medications or surgery. Those who seek out Functional Neurology are not only looking for answers but for solutions to on going issues with concussions, TBI, stroke, whiplash, dizziness, or vertigo.

Each patient receives a comprehensive functional neurological examination. Each system influences the other and even though you may feel an underperforming thyroid is the cause it may not be.

Below is a brief list of conditions and symptoms that we often see with our patients. To see a comprehensive list, please review our services.

Concussion and mTBI

Concussions are a form of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Each year, nearly three million individuals suffer a mTBI from falls, recreational accidents, motor vehicle accidents, or sports-related concussions. It is estimated that over 50% of all concussions will not resolve and will develop into what is termed “post-concussive syndrome.” There are many symptoms individuals may have after a mTBI: headache, fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, mood swings, anxiety, depression, difficulties with balance and coordination, difficulty concentrating and impaired academic performance. At Idaho Brain And Body Institute, we use novel approaches to evaluating and treating concussions to provide you with the best care possible.

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Depression is caused by impaired firing within the brain. There are many reasons the brain does not fire and connect appropriately. We utilize innovative treatments to provide a tailored approach to help with your depression.


Physical and emotional trauma is one of the most ignored things in all of healthcare. Unfortunately ignoring it doesn’t make it any less real. Traumas that occurred even in the early years of life can impact you decades later. We have a one of a kind PTSD treatment program.

Functional Neurology in Meridian, ID

Whiplash/Car Accidents

Neck pain, headaches, problems sleeping, poor concentration, and emotional changes are just a few symptoms you may have if you suffered a Whiplash. Unfortunately the majority of individuals who have been in a Car Accident never receive proper care.

This occurs in two different ways: cannot afford care and never receive the right diagnosis or treatment. We work with attorneys throughout the Treasure Valley to help you get the care you need and deserve. Secondly, utilizing the latest technology we are able to provide accurate diagnosis and treatments to help you get your life back on track. We make sure your brain health is taken care of as the body can only heal when the brain heals.

Vertigo and Dizziness

Vertigo and dizziness are traditionally considered some of the most challenging symptoms to treat. Vertigo can result from head injury and different diseases that impact the system responsible for balance and the vestibular system.

Symptoms of vertigo and dizziness can lead you feeling off-balance, spinning, car-sick and making it difficult to interact with your environment. In addition to these symptoms, you may have nausea, difficulty reading, and changes in gait. At the Idaho Brain And Body Institute, we understand how to assess and treat vertigo so you can enjoy life again.

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Strokes occur in an instant but the consequences persist for decades. We often see patients after they have used all traditional rehab approaches with limited results. We utilize the latest technologies to promote neuroplasticity to get the brain to connect in the best way possible.

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative condition and many will end up with dementia. Treating neurodegenerative conditions is very difficult. Our team identifies factors that may impact the health of your brain and be contributing to this devastating process. Each patient receives tailored care 100% individualized to their needs.