Functional Neurology

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Conditions Treated

Functional Neurology is a new way to view, evaluate, and treat old and emerging brain-based symptoms and conditions such as concussion, vertigo, depression, dyslexia, autism, and cognitive impairment.


  • You are exhausted as you start the day and open the fridge getting ready to make eggs but the thought of cooking drains you.
  • While at work you struggle to hold conversations as that word you want to say keeps slipping away
  • Your child struggles in school and is afraid to read out loud due to fear of mispronouncing a word and being laughed at
  • You seem to be misplacing your keys and shoes more than you had in the past
  • You have suffered a concussion and know something is wrong but aren’t sure why you aren’t getting better
  • You notice you need to hold onto the walls at night when you wake up, because if you don’t you will trip on something

If these sound like you, then this is a sign your brain may not be healthy. That may sound scary but there’s good news as the brain is more resilient than you may think, but it is important to take steps to get it back on track. You may have taken some steps as you went to a doctor and had basic labs or imaging performed and were told what you are feeling is normal.

If this was your experience, you left frustrated and wondering how everything is normal when you feel so off. Your intuition is right, things aren’t normal but that approach won’t identify exactly what is going on.

We want to introduce you to a concept called Functional Neurology, this is a core part of The BMB Method. The BMB Method is our unique approach to evaluate you as an individual: Brain, Mind, and Body. This comprehensive approach allows us to look where others haven’t and focus on you as a whole instead of only focusing on one part.

A New Experience That Provides Answers And Solutions

  • Why your head injury or concussion isn’t getting better even though months have passed?
  • Why your vertigo and dizziness isn’t responding to medications or traditional rehabilitation?
  • Why your depression, anxiety, and PTSD seem to control your life despite being on multiple medications?
  • How to prevent cognitive decline or slow a neurodegenerative process?
  • How to support the developing brain and not feel your child’s future is determined by their dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, autism, and processing disorders?

Now imagine, instead of being told your imaging and labs are normal despite feeling off; you have testing that explains why you feel the way you do. The testing isn’t looking for obvious signs of strokes or fractures, but is looking at function. Functional Neurology evaluates how the brain functions. These changes in function appear even though imaging and lab work are considered normal. Only when function is off long enough will changes in imaging become apparent and you don’t want that to occur

Signs and symptoms that would benefit from a Functional Neurology Examination:

  • Fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Headaches or Chronic Neck Pain
  • Poor Concentration or Focus
  • Mood Changes (Depression, Anxiety, Irritability, or PTSD)
  • Dizziness or Vertigo
  • Fuzzy or Blurry Vision
  • Problems Falling or Staying Asleep
  • Light or Sound Sensitivity
  • Difficulty With Memory or Problems Finding Words
  • Nausea and Chronic Digestive Symptoms

Functional Neurology Evaluation: What to Expect

Evaluation of:

  • Movement and coordination

  • Eye movements tracking and coordination

  • Balance

  • Brain Waves

  • Ability to perceive different sensory patterns

Each part of this evaluation provides insights into which part of the brain is or is not functioning properly. With this information, we put together a personalized treatment plan that allows you to see improvement where prior treatments failed.

Treatments & Therapies

Treatment consists of therapies and modalities to help the brain connect and function in a positive way:

  • Eye movement therapies to train the eyes to work appropriately

  • Balance Therapies

  • Hand-eye coordination improving processing speed, accuracy, and cognitive flexibilityHyperbaric oxygen therapy

  • Therapy to modulate brain waves including neurofeedback and transcranial magnetic stimulation

  • Nutritional strategies to support the underlying changes in brain function as well as whole body dysfunction that will prevent ideal recovery

By using a Functional Neurology exam which is at the core of The BMB Method, you are able to find answers that previously you could only hope for. If you are ready for a different approach to your health, then request your Free Health Strategy Session today where we’ll talk about the challenges you’re facing and share how we can help you reclaim your health.


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