Chiropractic Meridian ID What is Functional Medicine

This is a question that more and more individuals are asking. You may hear a friend or co-worker who talks about their Functional Medicine provider, but what does that exactly mean?

Disclaimer: even if you have experience with Functional Medicine in Meridian ID we encourage you to keep reading as we will likely challenge what you know.

Would you like a different experience with your provider to look like any of these?

  • Having a detailed office visit to address multiple concerns that
    overlap instead of a 10-15 minute office visit?
  • Having a plan to improve your health instead of medications?
  • An explanation for why you feel the way you do instead of focusing
    only on your symptoms?
  • A deeper dive into why you continue to struggle with autoimmunity,
    chronic fatigue, cognitive symptoms and so much more instead of
    surface level answers that always end with more medications?

If so, then you are in the right place.

Functional Medicine is a framework that the provider uses to help you achieve your health goals.

To better understand we will contrast traditional vs functional approach to the same condition.


First, let’s visit what traditional or regular medicine looks like.

The following example may be used for any autoimmune condition, chronic illness, head injuries, cognitive decline, and much more.

Imagine you have joint pain. You go to your provider and they will do testing to see what is going on. They find out that you have rheumatoid arthritis and start you on medications. You will always be on some level of medication and normally as the disease processes the medications become stronger and stronger. Outside of medications, you likely won’t given anything else to alter the course of this devastating disease.


How would Functional Medicine approach this differently you may be wondering?

Functional Medicine would also arrive at the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis through similar testing. From this point on things will be a different approach though. The Functional Medicine provider is going to seek to understand what is driving the autoimmune process. They are going to review nutrition, lifestyle, stress, sleep, and much more. This is going to be identified through a very detailed history but also specialty testing that provides information that routine blood work can’t deliver. This is one of the reasons visits range from 30-60 minutes each time.

What drives an autoimmune process for one person may not have a significant impact for someone else. The goal for the Functional Medicine patient is to understand what is driving their autoimmunity and how they play a role in it. It is more then being given a supplement without any further guidance, as supplements are meant to facilitate a change and not be the change in and of itself. The provider is teaching you how to have control over your health, which means you need to understand what you are dealing with.

Simply put, Functional Medicine is about finding the root cause or causes to your symptoms and/or chronic illness.

At this point you may be thinking that sounds different than what I have experienced in the past and you’d be right. Many patients even with chronic illness continue to struggle despite being on numerous medications. In school providers are taught medications and surgery, but outside of that there is nearly zero focus on nutrition and lifestyle factors and how it impacts any autoimmune disease or chronic illness.

With a different approach you are able to achieve results that you previously couldn’t. This is something we routinely see with our patients who are willing to do the work and be guided.


As great as Functional Medicine is, it isn’t standardized like traditional medicine. What we mean by that is, when you go to a traditional provider with rheumatoid arthritis; you will normally start with one or two medications that are universally prescribed.

Functional Medicine completely depends on the wisdom and clinical experience of your provider. One may start with the gut, others with environmental toxins and others infections. As you may guess depending on who your provider is, the experience would be completely different. Don’t judge Functional Medicine as a whole if you had a bad experience with one provider due to how different someone else may be. Think of it as a bad provider fit.

While many patients improve using a Functional Medicine approach, we have found that there is too much hyper focusing.

Hyper focusing is when a provider fits each patient into their box. If a provider loves the gut then they will make everything about the gut for example. We routinely see this with the thyroid as well where patients are over prescribed or supplemented for thyroid to help their fatigue despite labs not really supporting what is being done and the patient ultimately
doesn’t see much improvement.


At the beginning we talked about how Functional Medicine is about finding the root cause of what is creating the symptoms or chronic illness that an individual is dealing with. This requires a whole body approach and going beyond symptoms.

We evaluate the function and health of the brain, mind, and body using our proprietary BMB Method. We routinely hear from patients how other providers ignored their brain and mind, and for many they didn’t realize that was an issue until they had the proper evaluation.

Sometimes when you have brain based symptoms it is from the brain and has nothing to do with thyroid, hormones, blood sugar, or gut. Unfortunately the brain and mind are routinely ignored.

You may be wondering what we mean by mind, think about the stress response and past traumas. It isn’t normal to have an autoimmune or concussion flare when you get stressed. If that stress response isn’t dealt with then optimal results aren’t possible. We get it, you may have tried counseling or EMDR to help but struggle to really move to the next level.

We hope by now you can tell there is something different about this process. Whether you have tried Functional Medicine in the past or this is your first time, if you’d like to work with us then know we evaluate the health of the entire body and not just one component. If that sounds like what you are looking for then request a consult today.