Functional Medicine Meridian ID Fight Fatigue

Lack of motivation or energy in Meridian ID? Sometimes it can be hard to want to exercise after a rough day. But if you are fed up with feeling fatigued, then you will want to incorporate these exercises into your weekly routine. Get your blood pumping and mind going with these simple recommendations. You’d be surprised by how much more happy and alive exercise makes you feel.


We don’t want you to start off sprinting, walking is perhaps the most underrated exercise out there. It offers a tremendous amount of health benefits. Walking casually around the block or down a city street can help provide more opportunities for self-reflection too. There is something peaceful about being alone and observing the environment around you.


If you’re the type who prefers to run, then do it! Running releases endorphins, which act to alleviate stress and pain. Endorphins are hormones your body secretes that make you feel “happy”. You may even experience runners high, which can provide an invigorating and positive outlook on life. Even if the feeling doesn’t last forever, any amount of fatigue relief is welcome in my book.


Dance alone, take a dance class, or simply sign up for lessons. We all know you have that one song that gets you excited. It may seem embarrassing at times, but dancing puts both physical activity and music together. The great thing about it all is that you can dance however you want to. It isn’t as uniform as running or lifting, you can move your body however you’d like. Just don’t hurt yourself.


There are quite a large amount of hiking trails in Boise. Use these to your advantage. The weather is cooler now, so you can enjoy the brisk air as you make your way through nature. If you find that hiking makes you feel more fatigued, work on setting a pace that is not as physically and mentally taxing. A lot of people think that it’s a race and play catch-up. Please don’t do this, it will only overexert your body.


Strength training may cause fatigue right after the initial workout, but you will feel a boost of energy later on. A lot of people work out before showing up to work because of the positive mindset it puts them in. They feel more motivated to seize the day and show up to work. All you need are some dumbbells and a room. You’ll notice that you get stronger after a little while too. It comes in handy when moving things around!


Chronic fatigue can make life feel like a constant battle. You may have chronic fatigue if you feel extreme tiredness after working out or sleeping. There are lots of potential factors that play a part, so it can be hard to diagnose and spot. If you feel this way for an extended amount of time, it may be best to seek a doctor who specializes in treating chronic fatigue.


If you’ve gone through the list and tried everything, it’s time to seek some extra help from a brain and body health center. Fatigue and even chronic fatigue can be difficult to combat. Receive an expert recommendation from Dr. Phillip Redd on what plan would be best for you. Idaho Brain & Body Institute acts to provide functional medicine methods, that are overlooked by other health care facilities. Don’t feel ignored, get the best-personalized health care you can.