Functional Medicine Meridian ID Blue Light Glasses

In the world today, all we do is stare at screens. Whether it’s at work or in our daily routine, we are always being exposed to blue light. This light has lead to headaches and fatigue. As a society we are always on some type of screen, a phone or computer, even tv. The amount of screen time that people have per day can create them to have migraines because of the exposure to blue light. Blue light glasses are a thing of the present and migraines are a thing of the past. Blue light can strain your eyes which causes you to feel tired, blue light glasses in Meridian ID takes that feeling of fatigue away. These glasses reduce the eye exposure to blue light which can also decrease your risk of getting migraines.


There are prescription blue light glasses so you can have the glasses be a two in one. They also come in the non prescription glasses for those who do not need prescription glasses but still want to protect their eyes from blue light. There are multiple different types of blue light lenses so make sure to do your research to see which ones would work best for you. It goes beyond just prescription and nonprescription, there are different blue light lenses some are stronger than others. Make sure you do your research on what type of lens that would best fit you and your eyes.


Glasses have become a new trend in our society which means that blue light glasses are a new fashion statement. Glasses have become an accessory that people wear even if they are not prescribed glasses. When you wear blue light glasses you are not only possibly preventing migraines but you are also looking good while you are doing it. These glasses come in all different shapes and styles that can fit your face.


This little addition in your day can create less of a hassle for you in the end. If you are working on a computer day to day or even constantly looking at your phone screen these glasses can help you by taking the strain off of your brain. This might just be the answer to your headaches that you can’t seem to get to go away. Try these out the next time you are going to spend time on a screen and see if some of your migraines go away. This is just one of the many changes you can make in your everyday life that allows you to possibly reduce your risk of getting constant migraines.


If you are experiencing migraines or continued fatigue, consider setting yourself up with a free consultation at Idaho Brain and Body Institute. There you will find experts in cognitive health who can recommend treatment plans. Your cognitive health is an integral part of your body’s overall health. Functional medicine in Idaho is a great way to avoid the messy hospital atmosphere. Speak with Dr. Zimmerman to learn more.