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Proudly Serving the entire Treasure Valley: Ada County (Eagle, Boise, Kuna, and Meridian) and Canyon County (Nampa and Caldwell). Patients often travel from other states to receive care from Idaho Brain and Body Institute.

Most patients at Idaho Brain & Body Institute have tried every hospital system and traditional drug available with little to no results. They are often told that nothing is wrong or they simply have to live with their symptoms and condition.

This has left them frustrated as they continue to suffer needlessly. Patients come to us for Concussions, TBI, Dementia/Alzheimer’s, Stroke, Vertigo/Dizziness, Chronic Fatigue, Thyroid, Diabetes, Autoimmunity, Gut Health and more.

Our team is uniquely trained to provide answers and solutions to your health concerns where others have failed. Our initial intake and exam process allows us to identify those who would benefit the most from our care. If you are ready to pick yourself then schedule your free consultation today.

We know the feeling when you go to the doctor and don’t feel listened to and how frustrating it can be. To be told your testing is normal and only be handed medications or told nothing is wrong. You start to feel hopeless that you’re ever going to get the answers you need. Many of the patients at Idaho Brain and Body Institute come in with the same frustrations:

  • Being told there’s nothing wrong with you even though you feel awful everyday, and you KNOW there’s something wrong
  • Can barely function without prescribed medications, that make you feel even worse sometimes
  • Having to tell your family you can’t go to the park and feel like you are failing them
  • Struggling to make it through your day and feel stuck in a vicious cycle of no energy
  • You want to believe you can get better, but have been told by other providers and friends that you can’t. You may be losing hope as years have passed without solutions. 
That’s why we’ve dedicated the last 9 years to helping people just like you:
  • Making sure you get the answers to what’s wrong with you, because you know there is (even if everyone else has told you there isn’t)
  • Get back to life with your family—be a parent again, go on that hike, take the kids to school in the morning, and be able help your spouse out around the house instead of laying in bed tired and in pain 
  • Get ahead of serious debilitating diseases by addressing warning signs before it manifests as something worse
  • Break the loop of chronic fatigue and get back to the life you know you’re capable of
  • Finally have your hope repaid by seeing improvements 

I've tried everything else; how do I know this will work?

Many of the patients we see have failed other treatments and are discouraged. It is not your fault that you failed. In fact, the majority of our patients are successful despite years of failing other treatments.

For example, if you need a truck to complete a task it doesn’t matter how you use a car, the job will not be done. You have likely tried this and ended up buying or borrowing a truck from someone.

The same thing is true for your health.

Your body has the inherent ability to bounce back but you need to find what is preventing it from doing so. As the answers are discovered, you need to be committed to a process and making the changes to facilitate lasting health.

We have discovered over the years there is one thing all patients need, a health detective.

  • Can you imagine a provider who spends time on your case outside of your visits and is dedicated to your success?
  • You need answers but answers are limited to the questions asked. As we spend time with you we are able to ask the right questions to uncover your missing puzzle piece.
  • We understand how frustrating it is to be told your basic testing is normal. We are able to dig deeper with testing to find answers that are not revealed with routine tests.
  • You have been to providers who isolate one system even though you feel multiple things are involved. We approach the body as a whole and don’t pick one system while ignoring the others.
  • You feel lost, confused, and are chasing symptoms but really don’t know where to go. We are here to guide you and provide a plan to help you achieve your health goals.

Our Values & Commitments

At Idaho Brain and Body institute, these are our values, and what we’re committed to (they’re even plastered all over our walls so we remember them when we walk in the office each morning):


  1. Be Heard
  2. Our Passion Is Your Health
  3. Personalized Whole Body Care
  4. Always Learning
  5. Outside The Box Approach To Health

What Our Patients Say

Dr. Redd treats your whole body. Your brain, your heart, your soul, all your functions. It’s like, there isn’t another doctor out there that acts like he cares. When you meet with Dr. Redd he actually cares.

Tami, 60

Dr. Redd seemed to understand what my problems were, and he was able to delineate them so that I could deal with them easier.

Angie, 77

I feel I am not going to age with my memory just failing constantly. I feel I am going to age much more gracefully.

Rachel, 77

The best decision I've made on a very long time was to go see Dr Zimmerman. He fixed issues I've been dealing with most of my life. I went to so many doctors who could never figure out what was going on. I think Dr Zimmerman is a miracle worker!

Deena W.

Best results! Dr. Zimmerman and Shay work wonders! May I suggest the hyperbaric for faster results.

Rodriguez E.

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