We Care As Much About Your Health As You Do

You are trusting us with the most important asset you have, your health. You should have a Provider who has the same values and passion for your health as you do.

There is nothing more important when selecting a provider than resonating with them.

At Idaho Brain and Body Institute, these are our values, and what we’re committed to:


  1. Be Heard
  2. Our Passion Is Your Health
  3. Personalized Whole Body Care
  4. Always Learning
  5. Outside The Box Approach To Health

If these resonate and your #1 priority is improving your health, then request your Health Strategy Visit and our staff will contact you with the appropriate next step.

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Testimonials From Patients

I have known Dr. Spencer Zimmerman (Dr. Z) for over a decade and watched him fine-tune his incredibly detailed approach to overcoming disease and illness. He is not your average physician. In addition to continuing education seminars and conferences, he spends 100’s of hours annually…personally studying and researching the latest cutting-edge, in-depth medical science. He’s a seeker of truth and viable, usable, effective healing solutions. His approach to immunology and rapidly boosting the body’s innate ability to mobilize and defend itself…is novel and highly comprehensive. Spend some time with him in a free, initial consultation…and you will be amazed with his knowledge of the human body, his ability to explain complex systems, and how to apply that knowledge in helping you feel better. Dr. Spencer Zimmerman likes to use accurate and precise measurements, labs and other diagnostic testing to track exactly what is going on in your body…no guessing…whether that’s blood sugar problems, low-energy/chronic fatigue, weight issues, sports medicine, pain/inflammation control, or low-grade chronic/persistent infections. Understanding the exact tests needed to identify problematic markers, and then addressing and tracking those markers for progress…is his specialty. As I mentioned before…Dr. Z is very detail-oriented. He also has an extensive background in neurological function, including migraines, seizures, concussions, brain injuries and general cognitive impairment…which is where he was able to help our family. Above all else, Dr. Spencer Zimmerman cares. And it shows in the intensity of his desire and drive to help you finally feel better.

– Cory C.

Dr. Spencer Zimmerman is phenomenal! In January I found out I have Lyme disease and along with that discovery, I found out that most traditional Doctors won’t/can’t help treat Lyme disease patients due to FDA restrictions. My only option appeared to be a Lyme specialist, which was going to cost enormous amounts of money because insurance doesn’t cover Lyme specialists. So an appointment and whatever treatment they were going to put me on was going to be well over $1,000. Just for that one appointment. I felt hopeless. And that’s when I had the amazing fortune to come across Dr. Spencer Zimmerman. He gave me the hope I so desperately needed. He is very knowledgeable in regards to traditional medicine, but also homeopathic care as well. He helped me to come up with a realistic nutrition plan and put me on a rigorous supplement plan. He also stressed the importance of lifestyle- getting ample sleep, low impact exercise (I tend to try and push too hard in this aspect and he helped to teach me why this is actually a disservice to my recovery), water consumption, etc. and most importantly, he was with me every step of the way. We had regular appointments set up for him to be able to check on me and monitor progress. And I always felt like I could reach out if I had any concerns. I started feeling better than I have in a long time within a few months of working with him. My recovery journey isn’t over, but I will be forever grateful to Dr. Spencer Zimmerman and his diligent care on my behalf and the amazing improvements I have experienced thus far, thanks to him.

– Kensi E.

When I found out I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, I immediately started eating autoimmune paleo, and I wasn’t getting any better…My regular doctor sent me to an arthritis center here and they found out I had 2 more forms of arthritis besides the 2 that I already knew I had. Their solution was to give me basically what I call Rat Poison because it was chemotherapy that was for arthritis…I have a niece who took chemo for arthritis and she’s now pushing up daisies and she wasn’t even 30 years old. It just felt like everywhere I went they wanted to just treat bits and pieces, nobody wanted to treat the whole body and make me feel like I was a whole person, and everything they wanted to give me I knew was bad for me. (Dr. Redd) treats your whole body. Your brain, your heart, your soul, all your functions. It’s like, there isn’t another doctor out there that acts like he cares. When you meet with Dr. Redd he actually cares….I’ve been to doctors who were in and out of the room so fast that you didn’t even get to ask them a question and they didn’t know what was going on at all. I’m really starting to believe I’m going to get to grow old. I have a cousin who’s a month younger than me, (tears up) and she has full-blown Alzheimer’s. She doesn’t know who I am anymore, and we were really close growing up. She can’t feed herself, she can’t dress herself, and my other cousin had to explain to her why she needs to use the toilet the other day, and I was headed there. I was already in stage 2, and to be getting back all my brain functions, it’s the best thing ever….I’m more like what I used to be.

– Tami P.