Dr. Spencer Zimmerman NP-C, DCWelcome to Idaho Brain And Body Institute, a functional neurology and medicine clinic in Meridian, Idaho. I’m Dr. Spencer Zimmerman, and many of my patients call me Dr. Z.

I am a Doctor of Chiropractic, Diplomate in Chiropractic Neurology through ACNB, licensed Nurse Practitioner, and contributing author to Concussion Discussions.

I know first-hand the pain and costs of chronic disease. Whether its autoimmunity, migraines, TBI, vertigo, dizziness, PTSD, fatigue, dementia, leaky gut, concussions, learning disorders, or stroke, most healthcare providers don’t know how to truly help their patients heal from these conditions.

The word “functional” means that my therapies and treatments focus on helping people achieve actual results with their healing. I’ve helped many patients overcome their debilitating illnesses, and return to the healthy and hopeful life they long for.

Many patients come to me after years of discouraging and frustrating experiences within traditional healthcare. They are well accustomed to the pain and sorrow associated with no one knowing how to truly help them. Their future seems bleak and dim, and they have often feel like all hope is lost.

​But at Idaho Brain And Body Institute, you can expect a higher level of healing and hope than you’ve previously experienced. We offer treatments and therapies with proven results that will help you actually heal and overcome, instead of just manage, your chronic disease.

​I have worked with countless individuals with chronic neurological, autoimmune, migraines, neurodegenerative, concussion, and fatigue-based symptoms. These individuals routinely achieve results that they had hoped for, but only barely thought possible. To do this, I combine the use of traditional and complementary medicine to best meet the needs of my patients.

​My goal is to provide the highest level of individualized care, give hope, and fight alongside you to improve your health. There are 3 essential things that each patient needs:

​1. Someone who listens to them,
2. Highly-personalized treatment plans, and
3. Empowerment to take back control of your health.

I started my journey as a healthcare provider by going to Chiropractic school, and then returning to school to receive a Nurse Practitioner degree. This gives me a unique perspective to examining and treating conditions that very few providers have. As a licensed Nurse Practitioner, I can help you modify your prescriptions, and then prescribe medications as needed to best support you in your journey to health.

​I’ve always believed there is so much more to healing than medications or surgery. In addition to my unique educational background, my clinical experience includes: helping individuals improve their lives after concussion, TBI, PTSD, vertigo, dizziness, stroke, learning disorders, chronic headaches, fatigue, and much more. With my clinical experience I understand a diagnosis does not define you, but your potential and unique physiology is what sets you apart and ultimately should be treated.

​During my time working with these patients, I realized that my own eye movements and balance testing were similar to those of many of my patients. This was due to a long history of playing soccer, including over 18 years of repetitively hitting the ball with my head.

​I found that many small impacts and events can accumulate over time to create neurological symptoms. My discovery personalized these conditions for me, and fueled an even greater desire to help others with brain-based symptoms.

One of the most common questions I get is why I went back to become a Nurse Practitioner after already being a Chiropractor.

Here’s why: Time and time again I met with patients who wanted to be healthier and get off their medications, but couldn’t find help because their other healthcare provider wouldn’t work with them to meet those goals.

My Chiropractic license did not allow me to recommend any medication changes, which led to many patients feeling hesitant and frustrated to go back to their original provider who they felt wouldn’t appreciate the new approach they wanted to take.

And so, in order to best help my patients, I knew I needed the ability to prescribe medications. This inspired me to return to school and become a Family Nurse Practitioner. After all those years of schooling, it is incredibly rewarding to see my patients get healthier, reduce the number of medications they’re taking, and even stopping those medications as appropriate.

​The road to healing can be long. But know that I am committed and thrilled to help you in your journey. All of us at Idaho Brain And Body Institute look forward to serving you, and helping you find hope and healing in your bright future.