Dr. Paul Brewer

Expert innovator and highly sought-after lecturer in the field of nero-visual rehabilitation and sports performance.


About Dr. Brewer

Dr. Paul Brewer is an experienced neuro-optometric physician,  researcher, worldwide lecturer, and the founder of Diverge Neuro Vision. He is an assistant professor at the Carrick Institute, board member of the International Sports Vision Association, and part of an interdisciplinary team that treats TBI patients from around the world. In addition, he has consulted and trained several professional and collegiate sports organizations.

Dr. Brewer

He was raised on the North Shore of Oahu. He has played multiple sports, had concussions, and had visual issues that made him work harder academically and athletically. As a doctor and athlete, he understands how the visual system is directly related to human performance. In addition, he has facilitated research based and innovative rehabilitative programs for numerous patients, giving them another chance to normalize and optimize their lives. Most importantly he is a husband and father of two daughters, participating in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, surfing, paddle boarding and exploring the world.

Dr. Brewer is known for his charismatic and intuitive nature. Many are drawn to him because of his contagious energetic attitude. As a doctor, coach and athlete, he understands how the visual system is directly related to sports performance and visual rehabilitation. Dr. Brewer desires all athletes to reach their full academic and athletic potential.


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