A Teresa Gabiola Shelton, MPAS, PA-C   Life began growing up on a small farm in Kuna, Idaho, with roots in The Basque Country.  I’m a graduate of the University of Idaho, studied at the University of the Basque Country in Spain, and received my master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies at Idaho State University. All of my college degrees were completed in Idaho, and I’m proud of being the product of a high-quality education in this state.  For those of you who are not familiar with physician assistants as healthcare practitioners, I have training in human biology, medical science, procedures, examination, laboratory analysis, critical decision making, and prescribing medication…similar to your current primary care practitioner. I work via the co-licensing of a national certification board, the NCCPA, and the Idaho State Board of Medicine under the purview of a supervising physician.  In my past 10 years of experience as a family practitioner, I was the general healthcare provider for all of my patients, just as Dr. Redd was for his panel of patients prior to starting this clinic, and became increasingly dissatisfied with traditional medicine’s lack of answers and positive results practicing medicine for patients in that model.

Pertinent to Idaho Brain and Body Institute are not only my prior healthcare experience as a licensed physician assistant, but also an additional 6 years of postgraduate training in functional (root cause), cellular physiology, and nutrition medicine that I apply to our patients using Dr. Redd’s medical model. Eternal curiosity and a drive to continue learning, along with a personal health challenge much improved by the methods we employ at IBBI clinic, led me to pivot my practice to full-time functional medicine.  Dr. Redd’s philosophy of healing and health aligns with my own, and I continue to learn from and with him as more research leads us to improving our patients’ health.  Once you have achieved admission to the program with Dr. Redd, we take this journey together.

As the only daughter in a big, loud, (and proud!) Basque family, I developed an affinity for honesty, hard work and achievement, cooperation, enjoying life, and a drive to find solutions when times are hard. I recognize that many of our patients live by these tenets and we will build a relationship and results based on these core values together.  In my free time, I am with my young sons and husband; cheering at sports games, making new recipes, gardening with my parents on the farm, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors of Idaho.  I look forward to helping you achieve your health goals that give you back your life!